Building Blocks Toys


Building Blocks Toys and Their Benefits in the Development of the Child

  • The Building Blocks Toys are great in the developing of good motor skills, encouraging concentration and creativity.
  • The Building Blocks Toys can also encourage both individual play and teamwork.
  •  And, a great thing for parents: kids can play with Building Blocks Toys for years.

What’s the appropriate age to play with Building Blocks Toys?

Often, the most typical age to start playing with Building Blocks Toys is around 18 months. For small kids, large pieces that fit and assemble very easily are recommended.

Preschools kids can handle plastic pieces that fit together, more complicated. In their case, although it is very tempting to want to show them how to do it, it is better to let the kid play by himself/herself.

Once the kid goes to school, you can look at more elaborate sets of Building Blocks Toys that can be for example a castle, a monument, or a spaceship. Depending on your child's personality, such sets of Building Blocks Toys can provide hours of play on their own or with the family. Try both scenarios with your baby and see which of them makes him give him the best.

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